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Frasco de cristal con tapa, de vidrio borosilicato, plástico, acero inoxidable y silicona, color cobre. Capacidad: 1 L Ancho: 10,60 cm Altura: 21,60 cm Profundidad: 10,60 cm Línea de diseño: CHAMBORD Código: 11654-18S Storing food must be done carefully and in jars made of materials that will not affect the food inside. BODUM's traditional borosilicate glass contains no lead and has a brilliance like no other industrial manufactured glass. The jar is sealed with a thin removable silicon gasket to keep it shut tight for safe storage. The ultimate storage jar, absorbs no aromas, and once cleaned all scents of an earlier stored tea, coffee, or herb will disappear. At BODUM a jar is not just a jar... but common sense and practical knowledge. They will look beautiful for a lifetime (even if you have scratched off your handwritten label a couple hundred times). In many ways, only BODUM storage jars stand a lot of changes. Thanks to this eye-catching lid shape and subtle sheen, this high-quality CLASSIC storage jar perfectly matches the CHAMBORD BODUM line.